Nothing trumps experience! The old adage “a pessimist is an optimist with experience” is a roadmap to failure. You can not fall into the trap that you just can not do it, whether it is writing and publishing or marketing. Just keep going. Everyone successful person had many failures or setbacks along their journey. Everyone knows Babe Ruth was the home run king, but most are unaware that his second record was for the most strikeouts. If he had let the misses affect his thinking to the point of quitting, we would never have heard his name.

Ray Croc (credited as the founder of McDonald’s fast-food chain) was selling milkshake machines and fifty-two years old when he first visited the McDonald’s brother’s walk-up restaurant. He bought the name rights nine years later for 2.7 million dollars with borrowed money. How many tries and failures do you think he had to his credit during his lifetime?

Recent history, the young dot-com millionaires, the rich day traders and instant successful entrepreneurs touted in the news, tend to make us believe that wealth or success is quick and everyone is doing it. It is simply not true. For most of us, it is a slow methodical process. The ups and downs unavoidable. The synonym for experience is patient drudgery.

You will undoubtedly run the same gamut of failures. The way to success is through experience. Learn a lesson from each try, whether it is successful or not, but do not quit trying. Capitalize your successes. Build on your experiences.

Wealth and success are not the same. Money can be used as a scale for success, but it is not the only measurement. Success can be measured by being able to quit your day job, affording more time to pursue other interests, or whatever goals you set for yourself. Any goal reached, large or small equals success.

Write down your life objectives and read the list daily. Use your experiences to achieve your goals.

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