Creativity is not a gift most people are born with but can be developed with practice.  Write a sentence or paragraph and take a few minutes to study it. Look up every word. Try alternate words to make your thought concise. Rewrite your sentence with numerous words until what you visualize in your mind comes through to convey your idea. When you do this exercise your vocabulary increases, your mind expands and your writing becomes vibrant.  Writing is a learning process. You must put in the study time to learn your craft.

There are extremely few original ideas. Read the news and find two or more unrelated stories and write a prose combining them into one anecdote.  Save and sleep on it. The unconscious mind will develop your idea into a usable brainchild and book plot.

The more you practice, the more ideas magically appear. Keep notes. Ideas disappear as fast as they materialized. We have all had those moments of brilliance and all have believed that it is such a great idea that we’ll never forget it. But we inevitably do. You need to have a system in place to categorize and store your ideas for review.  Take a few minutes before tackling your day’s prose to review notes. Incorporate these ideas into your current story or keep for future endeavors.

Your files shouldn’t be all ideas, but vocabulary words, writing hints, reference material, character descriptions and any piece you might need and want later. It won’t take long before you have a wealth of information. Housekeeping takes time but is the key when you need to search for something you kept.

Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep creating.


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