Time Management

Time Management

Writers, never seem to have enough time to devote to their craft, unless it’s a full-time business. Time management is the key.

I’ve looked at a lot of programs and tried a few. Ridgid schedules don’t work. There are always tasks creeping in and stealing my time. The stress and frustration overwhelm.

Here’s what works for me;

  • Have a loose idea of what you want done that week.
  • Before going to bed, think about what you what to accomplish the following day.  Getting up in the morning you don’t have to run around trying to figure out what to do first. Just get started.
  • Do not overwhelm yourself with tasks, or you’ll not get anything done. Pick things that can easily be accomplished in a half-day. That accommodates time for all the other chores that will definitely come into play.
  • Do it now. When emails or snail mail comes, don’t lay on your desk for later. Take the few minutes to answer, pay a bill or whatever and get back to your task at hand. If you wait, these will pile up quickly and never be taken care of in a timely fashion. Going through a massive stack will only take longer a few days downline.
  • All popup chores take the same amount of time whether you do them immediately versus an hour later or a week later. By taking a break from your writing and doing the popup accomplishes two things; 1) it gets done 2) lets you get back to writing after things have settled and your mind is clear.

Please comment and let me know what works for you.

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