Post Ads

Post Ads

All of us are trying to use social media to promote our books. Whether it’s facebook, linkedin, instantagram or your favorite media, your posts should be engaging, to the point and visually pleasing.

Facebook for business has a great .pdf on ad copy. You can download it here for free.

The key points:

  • image and copy tell story
  • speak to your audience
  • keep it short and on point
  • call-to-action
  • tell price up front
  • include sense of urgency

Check it out. It is on point!

Your ads or posts are as important as the book itself. If you spent months writing your book, you shouldn’t scimp on the time you put into your promotional copy. Be creative, be engaging. You want to enough peak interest so someone will at least check out your author page, blog or book stores to read your backcover. That’s where you consumate the sale!

Pick one person you know has read and liked one of your novels, and write your copy as though your speaking directly to her/him. That covers all like people in the target audience you’re after.

Try different blurbs and analyze which ones get the most reads and likes. Subsequent ads should stay on that theme, with small changes to appear like and different at the same time. Like; same cover, and heading and maybe price. Different; change body copy, colors and layout (IE. move the cover from the left side to the right side, or move the heading from the top to the bottom). You want to use the same grabbers, but appear different so people reread your posts.

In the business world, it takes a company an average of hearing your name or product 7-8 times before they take notice. This tells us that you can’t run a couple of posts and quit. Repeated pushes are the standard. If you have seen a Gieco ad on TV, for example, think back on many times, if you seen one of their ads in the last couple of days. Same spokesperson, same theme, same message, same call-to-action, but different scenerios (body copy).

The fastest way to sucess is to emulate the sucessful!


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