The Super Secret Magical Formula!

The Super Secret Magical Formula!

Your email boxes and social media pages are blasted with authors selling their magical writing courses, marketers offering their secret formulas, and everyone offering you success for a price.

There are no magical secret formulas!  The definition of secret is “not meant to be known or seen by others”. So that begs the question, “If all this secret information is available for cash, how long will it take to become common knowledge?” We are already at that point.

Every site your book is on makes money selling books. They offer you advice to meet that end, and it is not secret. Of course, they would like to sell a little advertising along the way. It’s up to you if you want to pay them for their advertising, or you’d rather pay for a course first, that tells you to advertise.

We used to go to the library to learn, now we go to the web. The internet is faster, easier to navigate and contains everything and more than your local library ever did. Do a few web searches and in an hour or so you’ll have ‘The Super Secret Magical Formula’ or enough information to write your own.

Magicians sell tickets to see their shows, not learn their secrets. But the popular trend, for authors, seems to be, buy my tricks, not my novel. If you’re looking for the secret shortcut, take the course… any course will do!

The way to become a starving student is taking courses. Just don’t kid yourself that every new course you sign up for is getting you closer to becoming a writer. You are a student with a writing hobby.

The only way to become a writer is to write. Day, night, every chance you get. If you aren’t excited and don’t look forward to your writing sessions, you need to take a hard look at what you do want to do with your life.

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